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You don’t have to be great to start.
You have to start to be great.


Leadership and resilience packages

Drawing on an ethos of pursuing excellence, personal discipline, humility and humour our leadership and resilience training is centred on hard work and learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Our training camps are designed to build teamwork, trust and resilience outside a team’s regular work or game environment.

Kaituki supplies all the required gear, safety equipment, local transport and lodging.

All activities/camps are tailored around the team’s goals taking into consideration suitable locations schedule and appropriate risk assessments.


Expedition Hunting

With New Zealand’s Southern Alps and Fiords on our doorstep Kaituki is ideally placed to provide you with an unforgettable hunting experience. Take world class Tahr, Chamois and Red and Fallow Deer while enjoying Kaituki’s hospitality.


Marksmanship Coaching

There is nothing worse than missing!! Basic gun set up, fundamentals of shooting, distance and wind allowances and much more. Kaituki can help a range of shooters, from those new to hunting and gun ownership to hunters wanting to increase rifle familiarity, accuracy and range before their next hunt.

Marksmanship 1 (2 days) - Read more

An introduction to shooting for those new to the sport. Feel free to bring your own rifle or use one of ours

  • Safety
  • Gun and Calibre Selection
  • Gun set up
  • Scope tutorial
  • Marksmanship principles
  • Basic range zero
  • Cleaning and maintenance


Marksmanship 2 (2 days) - Read More

For the Shooting enthusiast looking at improving their accuracy

  • Safety
  • Understanding Ballistics
  • Introduction into MILs, MOA and scope BDC’s
  • Assessing wind and making adjustments
  • Shooting positions
Pistol Shooting 1 (2 days) - Read More

An introduction to pistol shooting for those new to the sport

  • Safety
  • Pistol and holster setup
  • The fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • Shooting positions
  • Cleaning and maintenance
Pistol 2 (2days) - Read More

For those shooters seeking to enhance their skills and challenge themselves

  • Safety
  • Intro to the shooting timer and standard tests
  • Advanced shooting positions
  • Shooting/Movement
  • Pairs shooting

Military/ Law Enforcement training

At Kaituki we have great respect for our law enforcement, first responders, military and the veteran community.

Whether its training packages, outdoor team building, resiliency seminars or a simple catch up and chat.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions.


Veteran Community

We have and always will care about those who served, if its to plan an adventure, a hunt or even just to catch up over a beer our place is always open. 






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