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Our Programs

Initial Consultation

The BioSignature assessment focuses on addressing correlation between body fat storage and possible hormonal imbalance to improve body composition and overall wellbeing.

Through a 12 site body fat assessment and including the Virtuviant software I am able to recommend protocols based on the assessment priorities.

The Bio Signature Modulation is unique to each person which means I can recommend individualised programs of nutrition and supplementation based on your results.

Tailored Program

Training individualisation is the key to outstanding results.

A personalised training program designed to address your specific needs, goals, and limitations. 

Standardised Program

If you do not wish to do a full consultation and do not have any major issues a standardised program is another option. 

These programs have been developed by Shannon on what works the best based on your experience and goals for either Strength, Fat Loss or Hypertrophy.

Personal Training

It is recommended that you receive personal training for your programs to ensure that you get the most out of your program

Personal training – 1hr session
Personal training in groups (2-3 people) – 1hr session

Transformation packages

Our transformation packages are designed specifically to reignite and kick – start your body.  These packages will be run in November in the lead up to summer, locations vary around the Wanaka region from day to day.  The training provides progressive overload and is aimed at cardio respiratory fitness, local muscular strength and endurance.  All levels of fitness are welcome,  The menu has been designed to help you speed up your metabolism and increase fat loss by eating 4 meals a day using the freshest ingredients. 

We can also do private transformation packages.  In collaboration with you, we develop a bespoke training program to achieve your goals and your desired outcomes. This means that your unique transformation package can also consist of any combination of exciting adventure activities, including:

Insertion and extractions deep into the wild via  4WD, helicopter, boat or even seaplane. 
Diving amazing crystal – clear underwater locations for crayfish
Kayaking across an inlet or out in the open ocean
Hiking or trail running through woods & up a mountain
Mountain biking
Rock Climbing & rappelling  
Survival Training and
so much more.

For these tailored transformation packages,  Kaituki supplies all of the required gear, safety equipment, in – country transport and lodging. All activities are based on a range of variables, locations, schedule and risk assessments.

Circuit Training

60 minutes of intensive training that is open to all fitness levels.

These sessions will be held at Snap Fitness Wanaka, doors open at 7:45 to get in and get ready for a 8am session start. 

No booking is necessary just rock up and work hard! 

For the armed force

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