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Kaituki offers the skill sets and experiences borne from 22 years of service in both the New Zealand and Australian military, including 18 years in Special Forces. Planning, preparing, and leading teams on high intensity operations has enabled Hamish with the tools to now use this knowledge and experience for optimising team performance. Whether they be military, sporting or corporate, our programs will build your teams resilience, develop leadership, practice critical decision making and ultimately challenge your team in a way like no other.

If you wish to hone individual skills, from shooting fundamentals, navigation to survival awareness or just want to explore New Zealand’s rugged wilderness and go for a hunt Kaituki has a range of options to suit your needs. 

Shannon’s role as a strength and conditioning coach was also forged from the military, she now has an impressive history of coaching athletes from the grassroots to national level. 


Our Philosophy

Work hard. No short cuts. No Secrets

A huge part of our adventure philosophy is being physically
and mentally fit enough to push our boundaries.






What you allow will endure



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