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Offering personal attention


Kaituki help individuals and small groups, from corporate executives to stay at home mums, as well as families, to identify their goals and commit to plans to reach those goals. Instructors at Kaituki are military trained and bring the back to basics, no nonsense approach without the feeling of boot camp or survival mission. At Kaituki, clients are treated like family.

We develop a bespoke training program that can consist of any combination of exciting fitness adventure activities,

  • Strength and Conditioning training in a facility that is designed to physically prepare hunters, adventure training athletes and people of all ages and abilities
  • Personal Training
  • Circuit training / group training classes either in the Kaituki gym or on the top of a mountain
  • Hiking or trail running through the bush or up mountains
  • Mountain biking
  • Kayaking
  • Pilates and Yoga
  • Fitness training packages that range from 1 to 14 days

Kaituki can even supply all of the required gear, safety equipment, in-country transport and lodging. All activities are based on a range of variables, location, schedule and risk assessments.

Offering seclusion, personal attention and privacy,

“I support those who are willing to put in the time, hard work and nutrition commitment to reach their biggest goals.”

Shannon – Strength and Conditioning Coach

As a successful entrepreneur, wife and mother of two sons, Shannon understands the importance of balance.

As a former NCO in the New Zealand Defence Force’s Physical Training Corps, Shannon knows what it takes to trail-blaze and achieve the impossible.

Our Philosophy

Work hard. No short cuts. No Secrets

A huge part of our adventure philosophy is being physically
and mentally fit enough to push our boundaries.







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