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Offering seclusion, personal attention and privacy, Kaituki helps individuals and groups, from corporate entities to professional sporting codes to provide leadership and resilience training to build a more cohesive and robust team structure.  


Is dedicated to giving our clients thier competitive edge, with extensive experience working with world class soldiers and in professional sport. Kaituki has the vision of bringing the back to basics, no nonsense approach of what we’ve learned to emerging, professional, semi-pro, age group and everyday athletes who want to perform at their best. Kaituki will help build a rock-solid athletic foundation to optimise sports performance or adventure goals. 



Military Style


“Kaituki helps people redefine their impossible into possible”

No shortcuts

“If your goals don’t make you nervous, they’re probably not big enough.”

Work hard

Unforgettable adventures, the very best knowledge of gear selection, fitness advice, programing and nutrition etc.

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We build bodies and minds, preventing and rehabilitating injury, developing strength and explosive power and ramping up fitness to be game-ready, race and adventure ready. Our philosophy focuses on building, the right mindset, the right training to help you achieve your performance goals or life adventure.






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